75184 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Box

Bit of a slide backwards yesterday, will today resume a forward momentum?

Day 14 – First Order Snowtrooper

We always end up in the snow with calendars, don’t we. I often wonder how kids who have never seen snow react to these scenes.

I know how I react to snow. With much fist shaking and cursing. Snow themed toys are less frustrating. Less…

“The wrench is YOURS!”

We got a new Stormtrooper earlier in the month and now we have a new Snowtrooper. I guess they can fight over that one blaster from the lame box since they’re both unarmed.

“PEW! … I guess.”

Well, a blaster cannon seems more a Snowtrooper’s speed anyhow. He doesn’t seem too pleased by it though.

I feel ya, snowy.

To Be Continued…

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