Review 75204 Sandspeeder

It’s a Snowspeeder in tan. With fins.

Now, I should stop the review right there because that’s really all there is to this set. But I’m angry and let me tell you why: The set is just lazy and it’s LEGO shoveling the same crap onto us.

Before I go on my rant, I will point out some of the notable changes:

75204 Sandspeeder blaster storage compartment

The major upgrade in this version is that there is now a storage compartment between the tail gunner and radiator to stow their blasters.

75204 Sandspeeder cramped cockpit

The cockpit is redesigned slightly to accommodate the storage compartment, and thus makes it much more cramped, which is how I always thought the cockpit should be.

75204 Sandspeeder minifigures

Meet the Sandspeeder Pilot and Sandspeeder Gunner. They’re not even named characters. Could be Red Shirt #1 and Red Shirt #2 for all it matters.

75204 Sandspeeder radiator grill

There’s no tow cable.

75204 Sandspeeder fins

And now there are these stabilizer fins on each wing. I like to call them blind-spot fins.

Aside from the Sandspeeder build, you get to build this here moisture vaporator. It hides a snake. Yay.

Are these changes enough to warrant a purchase? NO. Absolutely not. Basically, it is the same Snowspeeder we’ve gotten a couple of times over now (each one being slightly different than the one before it). This time, it’s in tan and it’s called a Sandspeeder. Even with the changes outlined above and the new color scheme, it is NOT enough to spend your money on this set.

You know what would have made it worth it? If they changed the cockpit to a proper blunt-y nose instead of the pointy, tapered thing we have now. But LEGO is lazy and they are basically just re-releasing the same base model.

Let me put it another way: if LEGO decided to release a UCS Sandspeeder which was the same model as the UCS Snowspeeder but in tan (with fins), wouldn’t you feel like it was a waste? Would you be willing to dish out another $200 for it? Neither would I. And the same principle applies to this set.

And these photos in the review? I totally phoned them in. I mean that literally, figuratively, metaphorically, astronomically, and pejoratively. They were shot on my kitchen table five minutes ago. If LEGO can’t be bothered putting in effort, why should I?

Final Thoughts

One out of five stars. I have a soft spot for the T-47 and almost bumped it up a star, but I’m tired of LEGO giving us the same thing over and over again. Don’t buy this piece of crap; it’s not worth it. There are better things you can spend your money on.

Given that kind of glowing review, if you still want it, 75204 Sandspeeder is 20% off at Target right now. Making it just $23.99, down from $29.99 MSRP. You’ll regret it later. I promise you.

75204 SandspeederAll Of The Pictures

No Giveaway, My Son Took It, Again

He likes it, but he’s five years old. What would be your excuse?

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