75184 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Box

The general consensus on this set seems to be rather lukewarm in its offerings. And I’m thinking the current sale price is a reflection of that sentiment. Amazon is offering 75184 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for 26% off, just $29.42 as of this writing. I’m thinking not having a unique holiday-themed minifig has something to do with it. Throwing a Santa hat onto BB-8 just screams laziness. No unique minifigs = less incentive to buy = stock that isn’t moving = sales prices. Who knows, maybe the set will see another discount before long.

If you don’t feel like buying one, and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, but still want to live vicariously through someone else and their daily disappointment, FBTB will once again spamming the front page starting December 1 until we go through all 24 models.