75187 BB-8

No surprise that the UCS 75187 BB-8 is the most popular set to come out of The Last Jedi sets. It’s currently listed as “Temporarily Out Of Stock” and a quick call to Shop@Home yields no estimated delivery date. It hit that “out of stock” status pretty darn quick. All the other sets else could still be backordered except that one. But would you really want to? Everything else is just kinda blah. Big giant grey wedge? No thank you. Ugly TIE Fighter? Pass. BB-8 was the only one worth getting on Day 1; everything else can wait for a decent sale. Plus I’d rather save my pennies for the Falcon. That being said, I did get 75188 Resistance Bomber and will post my thoughts about that soon.

If you’re still looking to get a UCS BB-8, Amazon has your back. No Scarif Trooper promo since that was a Shop@Home only deal, but those should be found pretty cheap elsewhere.