Headed to Star Wars Celebration next weekend in Orlando, FL? There are some changes afoot that you should be aware of if you’re trying to get the LEGO exclusive. Priority tickets will be given away prior to the show and will be required to for the chance to purchase the exclusives. Should you be selected, your ticket will detail the day and time where you will be able to enter the booth to purchase the set. The sales booth will be closed to attendees until 4:00pm every day when any remaining inventory for that day will be available for sale to all fans. You can enter the raffle anytime between now and 12:01am EST Friday April 6th. You can read more about it and find the link to enter the raffle at the Star Wars Celebration LEGO Lottery page.

We’ll be posting pictures of the exclusive set once we get the images, which should be sometime around 8:30am Pacific Time.