It’s a May the Fourth celebration on May 7th. All brick and mortar Toys’R’Us stores will be hosting a build-and-take event next Saturday on May 7th from 12noon to 2pm. This event’s model will be a micro scale Millennium Falcon pictured above. There is no registration but these events tend to be crowded and may even run out so get there early. It’s actually not a bad model except for the cockpit. Replacing it with the one from the Falcon micro-fighter set will make it 10x better. Oh, and I’d probably replace those 1×1 bricks with headlight bricks with a 1×1 round trans-clear tile. But yeah, not a bad model.

In addition to the event next Saturday, Toys’R’Us is discounting select LEGO sets by 20% all week long starting tomorrow May 1 through May 7.