Tonight marks the halfway point for our latest contest, and at the request of a few members and with the help of another we’ve added an additional incentive to the prize pool: now the top seven ranked entries will each receive one of these 18″x24″ posters featuring the design from the announcement post. I’m sure you can all figure out why we went with such an odd number of prize slots.

In case you missed the announcement, the challenge is to pick some canon ship or vehicle from before The Force Awakens and put your own spin on it – create an evolved version like what they’ve done with the X-Wings and TIE fighters now that a few decades have passed in the Star Wars universe. All the specifics can be found here and the deadline is four weeks from midnight tonight (that’s 11:59PM PST January 16th 2016).

Thanks again to Firespray for providing the prints, and ravingrem for the idea. Good luck builders!