LEGO is ramping up awareness for the upcoming, unofficial Star Wars holiday shopping weekend starting on May 2nd. I received this flyer in the mail the other day and just now received the same sort of thing in an email. Here are all of the promotions that I can glean. All promotions are valid May 2-4 or while supplies last where applicable:

  • Free Admiral Wulff Yularen minifig with $75 LEGO Star Wars purchase. If you’re like me and was all like “Who?”, according to Wookiepedia, he plays a major role during the Clone Wars and had a brief cameo appearance in Episode IV, hence why he looks normal and not bug-eyed. He looks like this:
  • A chance to win 1 of 10 UCS TIE Fighter sets signed by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, owner of The LEGO Group. You must be a VIP member and make a LEGO Star Wars purchase from May 2-4, 2015 to qualify for the drawing. Free email entry also available. To secure your one permitted entry per day, please send an email to, stating your name, VIP number and LEGO Star Wars Sweepstakes 2015 in the subject line.
  • Free Collectible Poster. This should be the Episode IV poster that were also given away at Star Wars Celebration.
  • 75095 TIE Fighter On Sale! LEGO’s newest Star Wars UCS set goes on sale May 2nd for $199.99.

There is also a LEGO video introducing the TIE Fighter set:

If you can make it out to a brand retail location this weekend, the stores will be offering an in-store build session.

Build a LEGO Starfighter and earn your own paper Starfighter helmet that you can decorate with exclusive stickers!

And lastly, there is also word on discounted Star Wars products. While no official list has come out yet for the US, a list for the UK programme has come out. The discounts are only 10% and may or may not be an indication of what the US program may offer. We may be stuck getting clearance keychains again. The UK programme is also slightly different. The May the 4th promotion runs from 2 May through 9 May. And the threshold to get Yularen is €55/£50. Here’s your list of discounted sets for the UK:

I’ll post another update once we know what discounts the US will be getting. Prepare thine wallets!