We are entering the home stretch. Only a few models left to go through, so what will we get today? Coal or candy?


Candy! Imperial Shuttle? or Imperial Landing Craft? I’m leaning towards the Imperial Landing Craft simply because of the wide body but not many people may even know what one is, or even know that LEGO even made a set of it back in the day. Hard to believe that thing is almost eight years old. Anyways, no matter which vehicle you associate this micro model with, you just can’t lose. The airplane tail fin and flag elements recreate that iconic look of the shuttle/craft so well that you would think they were made specifically for this purpose. And the back has a trans-blue grille tile to simulate the engines. It’s a nice little build and thankfully easy to recognize compared to yesterday’s doohickey.

LSW-Advent-2014---Day-20a LSW-Advent-2014---Day-20b