Just about a week left in the calendar. Still plenty of opportunity for me to complain. Or be delighted. And at this point, I can’t really tell if my feelings of anticipation are filled with eagerness or dread.


Fox Hole! That’s probably the best way I can describe this. But it is seemingly above ground so that’s not really accurate. Weapons Embankment? Hoth Gunner Station? Yeah, that’s it. I’ll go with that one.

I’ve been… kindly reminded that the 1×1 rounds that the blasters are shooting are snowballs. So be it. The Imperials may have an E-web heavy repeating cannon, but the Rebels have a pea shooter of their own in this gunner station. And much like the E-web, should the main battery fail, there’s a back-up mini blaster right at your feet. I imagine these things as squirt guns compared to the snowball launchers.