Yesterday’s Snowspeeder might have it’s issues. Sure. But maybe today we’ll get something to make up for it.


Like this sweet Snowspeeder Pilot. Double sided head print has what I guess to be a scared expression on one side and a determined take-on-the-whole-Empire-himself look. The expressions get lost with all the detail going on around the face. The open mouth on the scared side is almost unnoticeable being so close to the clasp on the chin strap.


I always find it funny when minifigures with double-printed heads have some part of the face show through under the hair or helmet when looked at from the back. The Snowspeeder Pilot is no exception as bottom part of the back of the helmet is scooped out high enough to expose the chin strap. I didn’t take a picture of this but you’ll have to take my word for it. With all the trouble they put in into putting details on the backs of the minifig torsos, you’d think this is one area they’d pay more attention to and realize that sometimes double-sided heads just don’t make any sense.

There’s a ton of detail on the fig and the lines used to represent the folds and creases in the uniform are unnecessary. That was one step too far, the jumping the shark moment of the minifig, if you will. In contrast, his helmet is super plain.

Not bad. Could have been better though. His head makes him unique to this set. So if you’re like me and like loading up on Snowspeeders, you can swap out minifigs to create your squadron.