Tohst sent me this link which came from this Eurobricks post. It is, as far as I can tell, an interactive retailer brochure for releases scheduled for the first half of 2015. All of the themes are covered but I went through and picked through the licensed sets and extracted the box images. The only theme where the box images were missing were the Avengers’ Age of Ultron sets, but you get a nice full page spread of the sets. Prices are in Euros, and Brickset has some piece count information which I have no idea where they got them from since they’re not in the catalog.

Anyways, some notes of interest:

Star Wars:

  • The UCS X-wing canopy will be available in trans-black in an upcoming Ninjago set (Thanks, Don).
  • New ATT is ugly.
  • I like the new Tusken Raider minifig.
  • Expect a massive Rebels push.
  • New Microfighters brings out the “D’awwwwww” in me.

Marvel Super Heroes:

  • The Hulkbuster armor is brick-built and not that ugly bootleg that’s been floating around eBay. The set comes with Iron Man. I was expecting it to come with Tony Stark. I guess we’ll have to wait for the Avengers movie to come out to see if it’s Tony inside Hulkbuster or Tony inside Iron Man inside Hulkbuster.
  • There’s a Quicksilver minifig.
  • There’s a new play feature called Super Jumpers.

DC Super Heroes:

  • I like that you get Supergirl in a cheap set.
  • Oh, and there’s a new Martian Manhunter in that same set as Supergirl.
  • Batmech looks weak.

The LEGO Movie:

  • Everything we’ve seen so far for January sets for The LEGO Movie is it. Nothing new was shown in the catalog.

Speed Champions:

  • There’s a bunch of new canopy/windscreen elements. And if they’re not new they’re at least new to me.
  • Ferrari makes a comeback under this new theme and with that they introduce yet another Scuderia truck.

Tons of new stuff in the catalog so take a look around.

LEGO Star Wars

75072_1 75090_1 75089_1 75088_1 75087_1 75085_1 75084_1 75083_1 75082_1 75081_1 75080_1 75079_1 75078_1 75077_1 75076_1 75075_1 75074_1 75073_1

LEGO DC Super Heroes

76025_1 76026_1 76027_1 76028_1 76040_1

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


The LEGO Movie

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Speed Champions

75913_1 75912_1 75911_1 75910_1 75909_1 75908_1 75899_1