Since yesterday’s moisture vaporator bucked the trend slightly, I’m sort of half-expecting some other Tatooine-themed build today.


A Snowspeeder! There’s a lot to like about this little guy. There’s a the general shape, the color schcme, the two laser cannons, the front and back canopy, the rear gunner’s tow cable weapon, the overly-efficient radiator grille, and the two exhaust ports or whatever those circular things are on the back. And it looks great if you look at it dead on from the back.

But view it at any other angle, and you’re presented with an enigma of what can be done to improve the look. It’s like they got a lot of the details in but couldn’t figure out how to put it all together. I think another layer of angled plates to beef up the wings would done wonders. Maybe adding something like this ? I don’t know. Like I said, it’s an interesting enigma and I bet it could be improved upon.

The LEGO Snowspeeder has a soft spot in my heart and my personal bias is totally coming into play here. If there was no bias I’d probably rip it to shreds. Final grade for today: A for effort, C+ for execution. Let’s call it a B and hope we get a Snowspeeder Pilot tomorrow. Or a brick built tauntaun. Or a Wampa. Or a probe droid. I could go on with what they could do with Hoth but I’ll stop here.