So if yesterday’s appearance of the E-web blaster is any indication, then I would guess that today we might be getting something Hoth related, maybe even a….


Snowtrooper! Can’t have too many of these guys if you ask me, even if he is the older version. Yes, this is not the same one as the one you get from 75049 Snowspeeder or 75054 AT-AT sets. No fancy backpack or kama cloth. It could be that including the backpack and kama cloth would have put the set over budget in terms of element count, but still.

LSW-Advent-2014---Day-8a LSW-Advent-2014---Day-8b

There seems to be this trend now of having face prints on what used to be blank heads under the troopers’ helmets. The Snowtrooper is no exception as he comes complete with a toothy grin. I don’t mind the print so much but I really wish the Snowtrooper helmet was re-molded to take that into consideration, like lowering the eye holes to match up with the minifigs eyes. Or at the very least, have the print take the helmet into consideration. If you put the print facing forward like normal, and put the helmet on, the eyeholes hover over the forehead and you can see some edges of the forehead and eyebrows kind of peeking out. Or you could flip the head around so that just black shows through. I wish they had taken the Batman approach and give these guys an 80s headband so that just white shows through the eye holes without having to turn the head.

Not a terrible entry by any means, but helmet issues aside, it certainly could have been better.