For three days in a row now, we’ve been treated to (or punished with depending on how you feel) builds based on the Clone Wars. Will today be any different?


Nope! We are now 4 for 4 for Clone Wars. Well, he COULD be a Stormtrooper. Hard to tell without a helmet since the torso and leg prints are pretty much the same but I’m not that lucky. So unless I get a Stormtrooper helmet in a future build to prove me wrong, I’m chalking him up as a Clone. You do get the new style Santa hat so it’s not all bad. And in an attempt to shake things up, instead of a blaster you get a mug. Enthusiasm Damp noodle diminishing. Disappointment rising. I’m not even going to bother hoping for anything else. At this point I should just try and guess what Clone-based build I’ll be subjected to tomorrow. Come back and find out with me won’t you? For no one should have to suffer through this alone.