Han Solo Promo Fig May The Fourth

Pictured above is a polybag set of a single LEGO Star Wars figure, Hoth Han Solo, provided by the fine folks over at Hoth Bricks. The figure is this year’s May the Fourth promotional figure, like the TC-14 from last year. FBTB has an exclusive image to share with you folks:

Hoth Han Solo

There is one noticeable difference regarding the hood between the two pictures. The pic on the actual bag has a tan hood, whereas the second image shows a brown hood with a tan fringe. An additional image I received also shows the brown hood. The head element is new and is double sided with a distressed look on one side and a face mask and goggles on the other to complement the hooded appearance. The torso and legs are also feature new print patterns.

The figure would go extremely well with 75014 Battle of Hoth and because of that I can’t help but feel a little cheated. Hoth Han should have been included with 75014 either as an additional figure or a substitution for one of the Hoth Rebel Troopers. Chrome C-3PO, Chrome Stormtrooper, Chrome Darth Vader, White Boba Fett, Shadow ARF Trooper, Shirtless Maul, Chrome TC-14 all have been previous promotional figures. And it’s always been my impression that promotional figures are unique enough to not be included in a normal retail-released set. Hoth Han flies against the face of that logic since the planet Hoth is one of the major themes that is repeated regularly with LEGO’s product release cycles. Also, in case you missed it, 75014 is available right now. The Star Wars universe is vast enough to draw inspiration from for these specialty, one-off figures. The Cantina scene alone from Episode IV has plenty of characters to last a decade or more. Just throwing this out there, but how about a freakin’ Bothan? Anyways, Hoth Han is a beautiful figure no doubt, but it’s not hit-it-out-of-the-park great, maybe more like a ground rule double. All we need now is a re-tooled Tauntaun with minifig storage compartment in it’s belly and then everyone can reenact the “Beeennn…. Bennnnn… Dagobahhhhhhh…” scene.

The purchase threshold for Hoth Han Solo is reported to be $75 or more, which is unfortunately high. That means a Battle of Hoth set plus maybe an A-wing to hit the limit. Despite my complaining, I’ll be in line at my local LEGO store that day just like everyone else ready to fork over my money for a $75 minifigure and bonus set. Additional details regarding the annual May the Fourth promo will be forthcoming.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the tip.

via Groove Bricks via Hoth Bricks