If you’re like me, you did not get a fancy Valentine’s Day gift in the mail from LEGO Shop@Home. But luckily, Tohst did and he scanned the little insert that came with it. First thing though, about that red chrome minifig keychain: I have it on good authority that the one of the main criteria in selecting who received the gift was based on the frequency of VIP account activity, and not necessarily on dollar amount spent, during the year 2012. So say you made two very large purchases, you would not have reached the proper threshold for receiving the gift. That being said, I would strongly advise against calling LEGO Shop@Home begging for one, or worse complaining about it. They are under no obligation to do these types of special programs and giveaways for members, and if all they hear are complaints they will more than likely just cancel the whole thing. For those of you lucky enough to live near a Brand Retail store will remember that they used to have grab bags that were cheap and packed with random parts from the pick a brick bins, store models, customer returns, etc. You wanna know why they cancelled the grab bags? Because someone complained. And LEGO just decided to pull the plug on that. So, please, do us all a favor and be grateful that such a program exists to surprise and delight some customers instead of complaining about not being lucky enough to get one.

Anyways, moving on. The flyer you see above was included with the keychain gift, and in it we see a bunch of goodies for VIP members. The most relevant piece of information is that we now know the distribution channel for one of the previously announced 2013 Star Wars polybag set: 30242 Republic Frigate. You get this set for free with a minimum $50 purchase from March 1 through 31. There are a few other noteworthy promotional periods:

  • Early access to 10232 Palace Cinema: Feburary 14 through 28. That starts tomorrow!
  • Free shipping from March 1 through 15.
  • Double VIP points from March 25 through April 8.

Usually, during promotional periods like this, there was one day where free shipping would overlap with double VIP points. It doesn’t seem to be the case in March, however.