Day 3 – Gungan Weapon Depot

Three days in and we get a weapon rack. I think I liked the walking chair better, but at least the Gungan gets his nifty shield/sled. This is really where the advent calendars value bugs me. If you put the one or two accessories that each fig needs in with it (like they already do with the exclusive figs) you would only need to add 2-3 extra models to fill out the days where they stick the weapon caches. Those three extra models would require maybe 50 parts on the outside which would still be well under 300 pieces for a set that costs $40-50. So what’s driving up the price? Desirability? The cost of the tray inside (which is awesome for sorting)? At least this weapon stand is a weapon itself, but they lose points right off by only including one of those blue energy ball things. The city set last year came with three white ones for snow balls.
Not cool LEGO. I want more blue balls.

To Be Continued…