Here’s the skinny from Chowren Toys:

“We just got our hands on some old Star Wars sets and would like to offer them to Brickset readers. The set is LEGO Star Wars 8099, Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer from 2010 which contains 423 pieces and retailed for $39.99 in the US. Our special Brickset promo price is US$25.00. Please use the promo code 8099BrickS to receive this special price. Limit 3 per customer and quantity is limited. At our price that is only $0.06 per piece!”

It’s a nice deal on a set that some may have missed and I felt it was a solid set in a theme I’d love to see more from. I think it’s great that Jason is sharing these deals with the Brickset community, so thanks to Jason & Huw!

Head to the store now and get yours while you can!