LEGO_SW_May4th2012_POSTCARD_041212.indd just released their plans to celebrate the unofficial Star Wars day, May the 4th. And I guess their claiming May 5th as their own as well, dubbing it as Revenge of the 5th. Terrible. Anyways, there is an online virtual build of a mystery mosaic starting on the 4th with the final reveal happening the day after. There are two ways to participate. Method 1: go online to the LEGO website, log on with your LEGO ID and upload a picture of a Star Wars creation. Method 2: stop by a LEGO Brand Retail store and either bring your MOC or build one in the store, and a store associate will help you upload it to the site. How any of this will help “build” a virtual mosaic is beyond me but don’t dismiss the marketing efforts just yet. One lucky photo will be chosen as the winner and the submitter will win a desktop-size LEGO Darth Maul. See? That right there makes it worth it.

There’s a website up and running right now,, where you can check out all the legalese and it’ll link straight to LEGO’s site. No telling yet if anything else will show up.