The latest issue of HispaBricks has hit the web and volume 12 has some nice articles you just may be interested in. Aside from the cover story about Mike (!snap!) Doyle and his remarkable derelict houses, you’ll find an interesting article on Legotron’s quest to build his own UCS Sentinel Class Imperial landing craft and Tony (SavaTheAggie) Sava’s fantastic trains. There’s even a story about HispaBrick’s own participation in CIFICOM, the 1st convention of Cinema, Fiction, Collectables and Merchandising ever held in Madrid on October 8-9th. Due to the nature of the event, they stuck with Star Wars, Harry Potter, Spider-man and Indiana Jones for their displays and even did their own colaborative Super Star Destroyer build. Great minds and all that.

You can download the new issue buy heading over to their website here and be sure to show them some love, 12 issues and counting and it’s still free to enjoy. Thanks folks!