Lego Star Wars Minifig frame...

When I saw this great framing set up Artamir created to display his Star Wars minifigure collection I was not only impressed, but also reminded of this gigantic brick built one by madLEGOman.

Unfortunately, my figs spend their days parted out and sorted (seperately from the non-SW figs at least), undisplayed and unenjoyed. I do have plans to renovate my basement and this concept may account for some of the wall space I’ve mentally set aside for memorabilia.

So show me how you display your figs. Ace already did a review on a LEGO display case and some folks were quite interested in that option, while others seemed to have their own set ups. Post a pic here and share your most cherished possesions with the rest of us.

I mean the figs, not pictures of your kids.