Clone Wars Season 4

Set your DVR’s, series link your Tivo, or stay in and tell your friends you’re busy as the fourth season of The Clone Wars kicks off on September 16th

Below are four episodes we can look forward to this month.

Episode 1 – Water War (Sept 16)

  • The assassination of the King of Mon Calamari creates conflict between the Mon Cala and the Quarren. Padme and Anakin Skywalker are dispatched to make peace, but the Separatists have other plans…

Episode 2 – Gungan Attack (Sept 16)

  • The Jedi find themselves trapped – can the Gungans save the day?

Episode 3 – Prisoners (Sept 23)

  • Crushed by the might of the separatist assault, the only hope for the Republic is a Padawan and a Prince.

Episode 4 – Shadow Warrior (Sept 30)

  • Can Jar Jar Binks defeat a Separatist invasion led by General Grievous?