Whilst there’s not a massive amount of sales yet on the new Star Wars Lego sets here in the UK, there are a few ways of making some small savings if you can’t wait.

Amazon.co.uk has various savings, around 10% off most Star Wars sets, including :

8089 : Hoth Wampa Cave at £32.30 (a 9.2% saving)

8093 : Plo Kloon’s Jedi Starfighter at £23.74 (a 9.5% saving)

8095 : General Grievous Starfighter at £41.69 (a 9.3% saving)

8097 : Slave 1 at £72.26 (a 9% saving)

8098 : Clone Turbo Tank at £90.15 (a 9% saving)

Oh and if you missed it, they have the Midi Scale Millenium Falcon for £20, which is pretty good.

Toys R Us have a couple of savings :

8129 : AT-AT Walker at £79.99 (which they claim as a £20 saving, even though it’s price on S@H is £89.99, so it’s a £10 saving in reality)

8091 : Republis Swamp Speeder at £29.99 (although that just brings their price in line with S@H

Regards the Minifigures Series 2 sets … these seem to be popping up more and more now, including at retailers who didn’t stock them the last time.  Game (a computer games chain!) stocks them … they’re found in the impulse buy bins in the queue for the tills.  Argos also seem to be getting stocks and in some stores, you’ll find them in a similar place.  Both methods make it much easier to search through them to find the ones you want, rather than the behind the till with the stickers location that WHSmiths generally employ.

Most other UK retailers of Lego are now carrying the new lines (apart from Boots.com, although their website is down for a re-vamp, so maybe it’ll be coming soon?!) so I’ll keep an eye out for better deals in the coming weeks!