This article about the working relationship between Warner Bros. Interactive/Traveler’s Tales and LEGO appeared last week on An excerpt below:

The publisher (and developer’s) deal with the Danish toy company has been extended to 2016, meaning we’ve got six more years of LEGO games based on Star Wars, Harry Potter and whatever else can be whipped up over a boardroom table and sold across all platforms.

While this doesn’t necessarily give concrete proof that the LEGO Star Wars license isn’t expiring, it does give us some hint as to its future. Steve Witt has stated in the past that the license isn’t going anywhere, and I’m inclined to believe him. Yet, we still haven’t received any sort of official Press Release about any renewal. Fact of the matter is, it’s a cash cow that I am pretty sure is making both the licensor and licensee stinking rich. Why wouldn’t they want to continue? The only thing that could possibly sever the agreement is… I don’t know… leaked product information, maybe?

I’m just saying.