This year, LEGO is trying something new. In addition to the Brickmaster exclusive set (which is still a bit of a mystery), they are also offering “Collectible Display Set” which consist of three minifigs, a printed backdrop in a clear plastic display box. There are a total of 5 sets, one for each day of the show. No word on the total number of each set yet, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be limited. The funny thing is, is that there are 5 days to Comic Con including Preview Night, and there are 6 exclusives. Not sure what the deal is but once I find out more information, I’ll post it here.

Dooku - Grievous - VentrissMadine - Ackbar - SkywalkerAhsoka - Windu - Clone TrooperSnowtrooper - Vader - SoloSolo - Chewbacca - SkywalkerClone Trooper - Obi-Wan - Anakin