Shell International recently relaunched their global LEGO promotion. There are seven new sets to collect: four race cars, a tanker truck, a finish line with podium and a station. The last two sets include Shell-branded minifigures. The race cars are different Ferrari models built utilizing parts introduced by the Cars line, so expect them to be in scale with those models.

So far this promotion is only available in Hong Kong and Singapore, but they promise that the collection will be “launched all over the world.” I would take that with a grain of salt considering the last Shell promotion didn’t make it stateside. Many users resorted to eBay to get the last promotions’ sets. More pics below:

Ferrari 250 GTO Ferrari 512 S Ferrari F138 Shell Station & LEGO Minifigure Finish Line Podium LEGO Minifigure Shell Tanker Ferrari F12 Berlinetta