At a social media gathering event today, LEGO revealed some sets coming out in the fall assortment for LEGO Powerpuff Girls. Admittedly I never picked up the Powerpuff Girls Dimensions sets, so this is my first real exposure to the figs. They are a bit unsettling to say the least. If any of you out there are in the same boat as me, I’ve included a side-by-side pic of a regular minifig next to Buttercup. And I stand by my initial impression, there’s not much going on in these sets to warrant a purchase. Here they are:

41287 Bubbles’ Playground Showdown

144 pieces | Age 6+
19.99 (USD) 24.99 (CAD)
Available in August

41288 Mojo Jojo Strikes

228 pieces | Age 6+
29.99 (USD) 39.99 (CAD)
Available in August

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