Here I am on a Tuesday! Making a post! Look at that! It’s not much but it’s something right? And that’s something I’ve always tried to teach my kids: something is better than nothing, even if that something is a plate of vegetables.

Right now, is having a GWP promotion centered around its Super Mario theme: spend $40 on any Super Mario sets EXCLUDING Starter courses and get 30389 Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform Expansion Set for free! It’s a $4.99 value and this offer is good until September 5, 2021 or while supplies last. I was in such a rush to get the first polybag promo when the line first launched that I felt a bit foolish afterwards seeing at Targets everywhere. I’m not so sure if this one will follow the same fate but if you were looking at picking up some of the sets, right now might be a good time to do it. In addition to this polybag, LEGO is still offering the Sail Boat GWP set as well. You’ll need to reach a cart total of $200 or more to get that one but, you know, two birds, one stone, you get it.

Here’s a list of what’s tagged as ‘new’:

If you need more polybags in your life, then the Super Mario Series 3 CMFs might be for you. I completely missed Series 2 but that’s okay. And if you miss out on this one, that’s okay too.

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