The Marvel CMF 6-pack Might Be One of LEGO’s Better Ideas


Imagine this real life scenario: you walk into Target or Walmart or Barnes&Noble or a LEGO Brand Retail location or wherever you buy your CMF’s from in person, and you see a box that has the obvious signs of already being rifled through: the packs are in disarray, there are wrinkles all over the bag from being felt up, and there are noticeable gaps in the box. It’s a little disheartening if you were planning on feeling up a bunch of them to complete that set of 12 or 16 minifigures. You see something like this and you can pretty much assume the lower distribution figures are gone and that’s just aggravating. You’d get what you need and then figure out a strategy to get the ones you’re missing either from trading or buying from the after market.

Enter the 6-pack. This box, 66678 Marvel Studios – 6 Pack contains six blind bags of 71031 LEGO Minifigures Marvel Studios. You find one of these on the shelf, you’re pretty much guaranteed a set of 6 untouched, unmolested CMF bags. And six-in-a-box for $30 is just enough make the purchase worth it without breaking the bank. You’re not saving any money but you have an equal shot of getting some of the more popular or lower-count minifigs that would have otherwise made their way onto Bricklink or horded by some superfan. Getting two won’t exactly guarantee you a complete set but I honestly think your chances are better than just trying to finger through a box you find in the above scenario. Plus, think of all the time you save NOT having to press and squeeze and guess whatever the heck that element is that you’re touching.

For better or for worse, these 6-packs also restore the blindness of the blind-bagged CMFs. There’s a certain danger to this gacha-type product but LEGO’s intent with these things is that you’re not supposed to know what you’re going to get until you open them. So it’s a win for them on that front.

These also make great gifts and stocking stuffers. You ever try and wrap a handful of CMF bags together? It’s not fun. Sure you can just buy a specific amount of bags off of, but these six packs are pretty darn convenient when it comes to gift giving.

Now, I initially poopoo’ed on this product when I first saw it, but I honestly think the few small benefits make it a good product for both LEGO and the consumer. I mean, if you were planning on trying to get a set anyway, why not just get two or three of these six-packs and see what you end up with? I used to be the type to go whole hog and get a full unopened box of 60 CMF packs, but I’ve dialed down my purchasing habits dramatically and these six-packs seem like they are just right.

You can get 66678 Marvel Studios – 6 Pack direct from Amazon for $29.99 a box. Pick them up today because worldwide shipping delays will make finding this sort of thing, or anything really, harder later, especially during the holidays.

You could get six different figures from the picture above, or six of one figures. Who knows… every box is a mystery!

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