Daily Bugle Now Available!


The massive $299.99 76178 Daily Bugle set is now available LEGO.com. You have to be a VIP member to buy. If not, you’ll have to wait until June 1 to get it. That being said, I loaded up the product page in an incognito browser and saw the “Add to Bag” button so it may be available for everyone. (update: they seemed to have fixed this glitch) I know I said it was going to be a Day 1 purchase for myself, but now that the reality distortion field has subsided and the excitement has died down some, I’m going to wait for a meaningful promo to come along. I’d suggest doing the same to everyone reading this. A polybag, a buildable set, double VIP points, a little extra something to go along with your purchase would be nice. I know it’s a bit of a mixed message, but this is the way things like this go sometimes.

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