Update: Here’s the page for 76199 Carnage. Pre-orders have sold out but keep in mind that there’s no indication that this is a limited edition product, just a Target-exclusive. So don’t stress about not securing one. The release date is April 11, so you should be able to get one around that time.

Target’s been sending out promotional emails today, and inside there’s a link to this LEGO Adults (affiliate link heads-up) page where the give some details on this new Carnage LEGO set. Starting tomorrow March 11 at 8am CST, you can pre-order 76199 Carnage. I’m guessing this will be priced the same as the other helmets, $59.99. There’s no direct link to the product page that I can find but I will be updating this post or making a new one tomorrow once I find it.

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