LEGO is once again offering a super rare San Diego Comic Con exclusive minifigure as a VIP raffle: Black Suit Spider-Man from way back in 2012. They, however, call it Venom, but it is NOT Venom. It is clearly Black Suit Spider-Man. I’d even accept Symbiote Suit Spider-Man, but not Venom. Venom didn’t come to be until the suit took over Eddie Brock. One only has to examine the head to note the shape of the eyes and the absence of the exaggerated mouth and fearsome grin. It is mouthless, like all of Spider-Man’s masks. But whatever, they’ll call it whatever they want to call it even they’re 100% wrong about it.

LEGO’s done something a little different for this raffle: they’ve increased the number of entries you can purchase with VIP points from 15 to 50. Each entry is still 50 points and maxing out your entries will end up costing you 2,500 points. You have until February 21st, 2021 to enter. Visit the LEGO VIP Rewards center to enter.

Good luck!

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