Update: Here’s a clearer image Maria Rambeau:

The first of I don’t know how many San Diego Comic Con LEGO exclusives was revealed by Yahoo! this morning, 77902 Captain Marvel and the Asis. I’ve been told that the Maria Rambeau and a new print for Captain Marvel are the big draws for this set.

Sadly, the only way to get one is to get lucky in the lottery and hope to win the right to buy one. The lottery for this and most of the other high profile exclusives will open for paid registered attendees during the last week of June.



  1. Just asinine that an important character in the movie is put into an exclusive set. Even more so that, yet again, we get one of the female character, as well as a person of color, in an exclusive set. Much like how Jean Grey and Spider-woman were exclusive figures and have never seen a mainstream release (especially frustrating with Jean).

    • Yeah, this is ridiculous. I thought when they moved to builds that the exclusive minifigures would be toned down. Not only having one but two is crazy. Plus, this isn’t even some obscure model. This set in its entirety could be sold at retail, especially considering Captain Marvel only got one standard set.

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