This… I don’t know how this would be categorized… lifestyle? accessory? This item was spotted at LEGOLAND California. It looks like a 32×32 baseplate embedded in a plastic frame that can either be wall-hung or set atop a surface. There are spots for 15 minifigs and it looks like there is enough clearance for Hawkeye to keep his quiver on. The frame is branded with Marvel Super Heroes so it’s use is limited unless you don’t care about that sort of thing. If you have the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Marvel minifigs, or just a huge LEGO Marvel fan in general, this would make a good frame to display those.

There’s no telling if the frame will show up on LEGO Shop@Home. So far that I know, it’s only available at LEGOLAND California for the princely sum of $16.99.

marvel super heroes minifig case frame 2