Finally, SOMETHING interesting happening today. A picture popped up today of next years Captain America: Civil War sets and that made me wonder if we posted the trailer to said movie, so I did. I couldn’t be more excited to see it… well, I guess I could if I knew for certain they were going to kill off Tony and pass the Iron Man mantle on to Rhodey. For now, I can only hope and enjoy drooling over these sets and re-watching the trailer.

I placed the set pic after the break to spare the spoiler sensitive of possibly having the movie ruined (RUINED!) for them by learning a specific detail of the movie ahead of viewing it. *Gasp* The horror!


Lego 2016

Oh, and this is apparently a thing that is happening. They look goofy and a lot of fun. I want them all.

Lego 2016

Look at those faces!

Thanks to MCoad for the heads up in forum and Carl Boettcher for snapping the pics.