Human Torch

FBTB Fan Ben Doney attended the MCM Expo/London Comic Con this past weekend and attended a presentation held by TT Games producer Phil Ring. At the presentation, Phil has confirmed that Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch will be a playable character in the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game. Now see, why couldn’t THAT be the promotional figure instead of Iron Patriot? Venom is also confirmed a villain character.

Human Torch has been revealed as a playable character and Venom as a villain.

Phil hinted at the possibility of villain missions a la the first Lego Batman.

In contrast to Lego Batman 2, a majority of the character roster will be involved with the story, rather than just collectibles for free play.

One of the levels involves a team up between Mr. Fantastic and Captain America, unexpected/unusual team-ups like this are going to be seen throughout the game.

There will be a few alternate costumes for some characters, but they are mainly alternate armours for Iron Man.
The evolution of his armour plays a part in the story.

Bruce Banner does not take up one of the character slots as he is integrated into the play style of the Hulk

In the open world of New York, as a flying character you are able to fly directly to a shield helicarrier in the New York skyline.

Sounds awesome!

Aside from Human Torch and Venom, the game will have over 100 characters to unlock. Hopefully armors for Iron Man won’t take up too many slots.

via Superhero Hype via Joystiq