Unlock The Armors on Facebook

The official Iron Man page on Facebook has a new game that let’s you play for the reward of a better look at some of the suits from the upcoming Iron Man 3 film that they don’t want you to forget hits theaters on May 3 (the day before Free Comic Book Day), so… don’t forget.

If you want to see the four sets of armour, hit the jump.

Mark 17 - "Heartbreaker"
Mark 17 – Artillery Level RT Suit “Heartbreaker”
Mark 33 - "Silver Centurion"
Mark 33 – Enhanced Energy Suit “Silver Centurion”
Mark 38 - "Igor"
Mark 38 – Heavy Lifting Suit “Igor”
Mark 40 - "Shotgun"
Mark 40 – Hyper Velocity Suit “Shotgun”

And also this week, Hot Toys released a slew of pictures of the new Iron Patriot Limited Edition Diecast figure, which lets us get a great look at the suits new detailing. There will probably be at least a few more suit reveals from the FB game alone, so stay tuned.

Hot Toys IM3 Diecast Iron Patriot

Via: Spinoff Online



I’m just finally getting around to updating the post on the “Unlock The Armor” game from Facebook. While there were disappointingly only two more suits, the interesting part is the images of the full armours head to toe that were also revealed. This is the best look we’ve seen of some of these suits and should help builders and customizers alike. I’d hoped to get a good look at the arms of the “Red Snapper” and was amused and delighted at the different design. It’s nice to see Tony is working towards having a suit for any occasion as he has in the comics for years. His on screen OCD is finally showing.

Red Snapper
Silver CenturionIgor
Mark 35 - "Red Snapper"
Mark 39 - "Gemini"