Earlier tonight I attended the the one-night-only An Unexpected Art Show with my family. The Tower of Orthanc was there in all its imposing glory. But that wasn’t all. The members of OneLUG debuted new art pieces at the show, a series of three builds depicting different symbols from the Lord of the Rings. In order from left to right in the picture above: The White Tree of Gondor by Brandon Griffith, The Horse of Rohan by Remi Gagné, and The White Hand of Saruman by Bruce Lowell.

Horse of Rohan - OneLUG Horse of Rohan Detail - OneLUG
White Tree of Gondor - OneLUG White Hand of Saruman - OneLUG

The show was put together by Alyse Gagné and she did a great job sourcing all of the art work. It took up a two floors of exhibit space showcasing a wide variety of subject matter and art styles. Some artists were on hand to sell prints and talk to fellow Tolkien fans. I got there early with my family but couldn’t stay long due to the built in expiration date that kids have, but I would have loved to have stayed longer, geek out, and really appreciate the art work.

An Unexpected Art Show - 1 An Unexpected Art Show - 2
An Unexpected Art Show - 3 An Unexpected Art Show - 9
An Unexpected Art Show - 6 An Unexpected Art Show - 7 An Unexpected Art Show - 10 An Unexpected Art Show - 8 An Unexpected Art Show - 4 An Unexpected Art Show - 5

The Tower was present of course everyone seemed to enjoy seeing it. They said this will be the last time they put it out for public display. I’m curious as to what its ultimate destiny will be. Will be broken down for parts? Kept at someone house on permanent display? Sold to a collector?

Tower of Orthanc - 3 Tower of Orthanc - 2

And not to brag, but I think my daughter stole the show. Fairy wings will do that.

Tower of Orthanc - 1