Earlier today, the LEGO Ideas site posted a new blog entry detailing the results of the Second 2019 Review. Of the ten candidates, two sets were approved:

Medieval Blacksmith by Namirob

Winnie the Pooh by benlouisa

A previous candidate that needed additional review time, Anatomini by Stephenix, did not make the cut.

This round’s winners both look like fine sets. I’d be interested in the Winnie the Pooh one. While they’ve had a few Winnie the Pooh sets before, they were Duplo scale. benlouisa’s project is minifig scale. Using custom pieces, Eeyore looks fantastic but that Tigger? Not so much. Piglet would probably look better with kid legs. I’m super-curious to see how the figures will evolve. And I’m still waiting for the Piano.

You can read more on at the LEGO Ideas blog post and watch the announcement video they posted there.


  1. Honestly surprised the blacksmith made it. The set looks amazing, is an elaborate build, but also HUGE. I will not be surprised if the final is simplified quite a bit.

    I’ll have to dig up all the pieces to Blacksmith Shop set 3739 and rebuild it so I can have it and this new version side by side. Unless I’m mistaken, that set practically kicked-off the trend of Official LEGO fan sets (which then birthed CUUSOO and IDEAS.)

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