Not only do you get a Tron: Legacy Lightcycle in the upcoming Ideas set, but if this image is legitimate, then you’ll end up getting two. We have yet to hear any official word on release date or pricing. The Tron Legacy Light Cycle Ideas project by BrickBros UK gained support way back in April of last year, and was approved to become an official set back in November.

Again, this image could be a fake, but if it is a fake, it’s a well-doctored one. I didn’t think we’d get two cycles and even if we only got one, I’d assume it would be pretty easy to customize another.


  1. Two makes more sense than one. Two offers the opportunity to add in a villain minifig and any special villain-hued printed elements. Two means they get the direct sale on the second light-cycle rather than letting Bricklink cover what personal collections can’t. Two allows the set to tell a complete story, which was a problem with the original Ghostbusters Ideas set until they followed it up with the Dimensions packs and Firehouse set, and which largely continues to be a problem with the even more limited BttF releases.

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