For those who are bummed that nothing got through the last review, there was also another announcement tucked into the press release, and that’s the lineup for the 2016 reviews. If you were bummed that nothing got reviews… well, unfortunately, things don’t look that promising in the future either. A couple can be thrown out easily (Rivendell and Lothlorien) due to their size, a couple for existing licenses or competition from similar products (Stay Puft and Modular Library), and a couple because similar sets were just rejected in the last wave (Super Seven and Indominus Rex).

That leaves Physics, Adventure Time, and The Little Prince as the ones with any real hope (though who knows, I’ve been wrong before… I never would have thought Big Bang Theory would have made it). Also getting a hold is the F7A Hornet, a cool looking ship from the “I won’t call it upcoming until the wisps of vapor they call a game are actually playable” game, Star Citizen*. I don’t put a lot of hope into that turning into a product, unless RSI is finally running out of money and sells the licenses for cheap… and LEGO things they can interest the space fans in it.


*Yes, I am a backer of the game from the original Kickstarter. We developers talk about ‘feature creep’ when we work on projects, and this game should be the case study put with the definition of it.