Another review down, another nine projects get thrown into the mix for consideration. We’re still waiting on the choice from the last reviews thirteen projects and the Ideas blog says that result should be out in the “coming weeks”.

The nine in this review are the usual mixed bag and I might as well make my predictions while I’m here.

  • Adventure Time: This one is interesting. It’s popular, aimed at kids and doesn’t include any minifigs. A few printed face bricks and this could be a go.
  • Caterham Super Seven: Possible, but unlikely. LEGO already collects enough car brands imo.
  • Modular Library: No. Too big, but a library seems like something the modulars might get to anyway.
  • Lothlorien: Again, too big. Also, pre-existing licenses get passed on time and time again.
  • LEGO Physics: Love it, but it is a bit parts intensive and I think the hose manipulation would be a big deterrence for many builders and for LEGO in producing instructions. I hope something can be done with this.
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: It has the advantage of being a popular previous Ideas selection that has branched out into the Dimensions game. There is precedence in Minecraft of expansion, but I still think it’s a hard sell. Fingers crossed though.
  • Indominus Rex: The T-rex in the last review has a much better chance if not branded as Jurassic Park/World.
  • The Hobbit-Rivendell: Ummmmm, no.
  • The Little Prince: I’d never heard of this book, but it seems internationally popular. I doubt it, but who knows?

So now we wait and see, good luck to all those involved.