The announcement went out late Friday but I finally have time to wrap my head around it. LEGO Ideas announced that the review process has concluded for the first half of 2014 review period(s) and have decided that two projects will be made into official sets: #009 LEGO Bird Project and #010 Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately, Modular Apple Store and BTTF – Jules Verne Train were rejected.

The LEGO Bird Project was a no brainer. I saw that being approved a marathon away. I would have been more surprised had it not become a set. The Big Bang Theory though, that one was surprising to me. I’m not going to pretend to be a fan of the show. Having never watched a single episode I can’t say whether or not the set appeals to me as a self-confessed nerd/geek. What does appeal to me thought is that the set represents. Based on the submitted project, I didn’t think it stood a chance what with all seven minifigs and the pattern of CUUSOO/Ideas sets that have come before. So, the fact that it was made is kind of a good sign and maybe cracks open the door of possibilities just a little wider as to what can be made into official sets.

The two Doctor Who sets that are still under consideration is a bit of a mystery but given that The Big Bang Theory was approved, I honestly can’t gauge their viability. Since they are not outright rejected and still being considered, there’s a strong possibility that they will be made into sets. Maybe the two sets are entering the octagon to see which is the better set. Maybe they’ll do one super set with influences from both submitted projects. Maybe there’s a whole new theme of Doctor Who sets in the works and they’re trying to figure out how this fits into that. Maybe I should stop talking.

For more information about the last review process, you can check out the LEGO Ideas blog post.