New LEGO Harry Potter Book, Magical Treasury, Comes With Exclusive Tom Riddle Minifig


There’s a new LEGO book coming out from DK Publishing and like with all of the LEGO books by them, this one too comes with a minifig. The book is called, deep breath, “LEGO® Harry Potter Magical Treasury (with exclusive LEGO minifigure): A Visual Guide to the Wizarding World”. I may or may not have copied that entire line from the Amazon listing. The minifigure this time is an exclusive Tom Riddle. Take a look:

Pretty spiffy looking!

The hardcover book is $19.79 which feels pretty darn expensive. I can’t remember exactly how much the previous LEGO books with figure were, but they couldn’t have been that high. The book will be released on July 7th, 2020 and with Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee, you’ll get the lowest price should it drop between the time it ships and the time you get it delivered. Click on the cover below if you want more info, or to buy one. Clicking through and making a purchase supports this site and as always we appreciate your support.

I’m getting one for my daughter. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan and has is starting her third read through of the entire series. I just started book 3 myself and find them pretty enjoyable.

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