It’s kind of funny that we were just talking about this in chat the other day, but we now get word that there is a set coming up for “Ecto-2” and today LEGO announces that the new Ghostbusters movie will get its own set. I was already fairly excited for this movie, and the set doesn’t change much of that… but I am now super excited for this set. And I still need to get the Firehouse set…


Check out below the fold for more pictures, including a couple that may have some spoilery little details. Also, is this the first time we’ve gotten a woman of color minifig? We also get some details for the set itself, including price and some character names

LEGO Ghostbuster Ecto- 1&2

  • Available July 1st, $59.99
  • Based on the new Ghostbuster Movie from Sony premiering July 25th 2016
  • Includes the new ECTO-1 car, ECTO-2 bike, 1 red Daemon and 5 minifigures:
    • Abby Yates (new Ghostbuster – main movie character)
    • Erin Gilbert (new Ghostbuster – main movie character)
    • Jillian Holtzmann (new Ghostbuster – main movie character)
    • Patty Tolan (new Ghostbuster – main movie character)
    • Kevin minifig. (with a 2-sided head)
  • Features rolling car with opening side doors and opening top to place 4 minifigs inside, back opens with room for accessories, and 4 proton packs and traps.

The new Ghostbusters all look to be fantastic representations of the characters, which are both new and an homage to the original movies.

75828_1to1 Ghostbusters 2 - McCarthy 75828_1to1_MF_01 Ghostbusters 1 - Wiig 75828_1to1_MF_05 75828_1to1_MF_04 75828_1to1_MF_03 75828_1to1_mf_03-1 75828_1to1_MF_02 75828_1to1_MF_01 Ghostbusters 4 - Jones Ghostbusters 4 - Hemsworth Ghostbusters 3 - McKinnon Ghostbusters 2 - McCarthy 75828_Back_03

Glowy-eyed Thor… that’s interesting. While I like all the other characters, I will say that his minifigure here is just fantastic, down to the duct-tape “I wanna be a Ghostbuster too!” look. I edited out a bit in the press release, since apparently the alt-face is a “possessed” look. No word if he is trying to find Gozer.

75828_1to1_MF_06 Ghostbusters - Red Demon 75828_Front_03 75828_BI_Demon 75828_Back_05

Some features, like the Proton packs (which are still great) make a return. Not related to LEGO, but if they re-release the toy proton pack for this, my daughter will be getting it for her birthday. I may get one too to wear, but that’s only so we can play together… really… I mean…

We also get a look at a ghost/bad guy/demon. So there is that. I like those little wings on the guy.

75828_Back_02 75828_BI_06 75828_BI_05 75828_Front_02

The car itself seems to sport some more details than the absolutely fantastic Ideas version. I know it’s a new car, but it’s obviously very similar.

75828_Front_01-1 75828_Back_04-1 75828_Back_01-1 75828_BI_03 75828_BI_02 75828_BI_01 75828_Back_07 75828_Back_06 75828_Top
75828_Front_04 75828_Front_07 75828_Front_06 75828_Front_05