Update: Amazon has matched Best Buy’s price. Prime discount does not apply, unfortunately, since it is discounted by more than 20%. Thems the breaks I guess.

Best Buy is offering a decent pre-order price for the LEGO Dimensions Supergirl Playstation 4 Starter Pack. It normally retails for $89.99 but Best Buy is offering it for just $49.99. But wait there’s more! If you’re a Gamers Club Unlocked member, you’ll save an additional 20% off bringing the price down to just $39.99. Amazon hasn’t price matched Best Buy’s price yet, but I think that’s just a matter of time. You’ll get free shipping regardless if you’re a GCU member or not, and if you’ve waited this long to get into Dimensions and have a PS4 system this isn’t such a bad entry point. For those of us that have already bought into the system, though, how does a $50 dollar Supergirl figure float your boat?