E3 is happening this week and starts today as a matter of fact. This video above is a recording of the YouTube live stream. There’s a segment right at the beginning covering one of the new features that’s coming out in LEGO Dimensions with the new wave: Battle Arenas. They demo the Capture the Flag game in a 4-player split screen mode. Some things I’ve been able to glean from the demo:

  • Every single new pack will have content for Battle Arenas .
  • There are power ups that you can use in the arena.
  • You can use flying characters (which seems rather unfair when playing against characters that can’t fly but maybe the arena power ups will account for that)
  • You can use the first year’s characters in the battle arenas.
  • You can play by yourself against CPU characters.
  • The release schedule for future sets will follow the same schedule as last year: September, November, January, and March.

The demo only lasts a few minutes and shows some disruption-type effects you can lay on your opponents.