Update: Amazon is also offering a $10 discount on all Level and Team packs as well, including pre-orders. Team packs are now just $14.99, 40% off of MSRP, and Level Packs are just $19.99, 33% off of MSRP, when shipped and sold by Amazon. Discount is automatically applied for each Fun, Team, and Level Packs at checkout.

Amazon is currently having a LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack promotion. Take $5 off each Fun Pack ordered that is shipped and sold by Amazon.com. This includes pre-orders for upcoming packs as well as packs that are already on sale such as Unikitty, Wicked Witch, and Eris. Those last three are currently $11.88 and with the promotion they drop down to just $6.88 before any tax or shipping. MSRP for Fun Packs are $14.99 so this $5 offer is the same as getting a 33% discount. Again, this works on upcoming sets that will be released next year such as Ghostbusters Stay Puft and the Doctor Who Cyberman Fun Packs.