Remember when I said that Dimensions Starter Packs at 30% off was the best deal you’ll find on those sets? Well, I was wrong. It seems that Toys’R’Us is selling LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs for $59.99 and Amazon has matched their price for all systems except for PS3 for whatever reason. I’m sure that’s just a glitch.

Amazon is also selling all of the other packs at a nice discount. Level Packs are $19.99, a 33% discount off of $29.99 MSRP. Team Packs are also $19.99, reflecting a 20% discount off of $24.99 MSRP. And Fun Packs are $11.88, a 21% discount off of $14.99 MSRP. In all cases, the discounted prices are good for currently released items and does not apply to pre-orders for future releases. You must select Amazon as the seller; if Amazon is not the default seller, you can select it on the right hand side below the purchase box. If they are out of stock, they will honor the discounted price and ship the item when they do get it in stock.

I realize Dimensions being on sale everywhere all the time looks bad. And it could be very well that it is not doing as well as everyone hoped. But I have this theory about that. Right now, the number one toys to life product is Skylanders, with Infinity and amiibo fighting for second and third place, and Dimensions bringing up the rear. I’m not going to consider the abomination that is the Marvel Playmation system. But my point is this. WBIE is purposefully allowing retailers to put the sets on sale in order to get them into homes and increase their marketshare. If they can get into enough homes, they can eventually make the claim that they are the “most played” or “number one TTL game” or have the largest installed user-base. It’s easier to sell a system when you’re the most popular than if you’re trailing behind. I can’t speak for whether or not the game is actually any good. I do know that it plays very much like any other LEGO video game that TTGames puts out and that is more or less a money-making machine. Why fix what ain’t broke? And if you’re a fan of those games, then Dimensions is right up your alley.